Meeting other driving instructors
Being a driving instructor can be a solitary occupation.

It does help to meet with other driving instructors, to share hints and tips.

Sometimes by just talking about what we do and getting someone else to listen they can point out areas that could be better.

One driving instructor looked at my folder and pointed out that it was worn out and I had not really noticed, I was able to buy a new folder and take out the pages and put it in the new folder.

I had just used the folder again and again and it had got gradually more scratched until it was hard to see.

The same driving instructor gave me the idea to go onto Freeindex, which has boosted my business.

I also talk about what price to charge, it is hard raising your prices when the minimum wage for 17 year olds is low compared to what we charge, so it is remaining sensitive and making a living too.

This is a portrait of my friend who is not a driving instructor, it is to illustrate the importance of meeting for a drink to discuss things...