1771 Textbook.
Why 1771 Driving? When you start at 17 it's the beginning of your driving career. At 71 you can reflect on your experiences so far and look ahead to continued safe motoring.

The best drivers - 1771 - Drivers - are those who combine safe driving techniques with experience.

There are a lot of sayings that you can say to yourself when driving to improve your defensive driving skills.

The book is 268 pages long and has no diagrams - so is packed with a lot of information to make you a defensive driver.

I helped to proof read this book over a year. You can purchase it for £17.71 by sending me a message in the Contacts section or if you are having driving lessons with me, just ask.


Here are some reviews:

“…The book was really useful… It was easy to understand… Along with my practical lessons, this book helped me to improve my driving skills and track my progress… The real-life experiences cited in the book helped me to apply what I learnt… I highly recommend to all the newbies to go through this book while you practise with your Instructor… ”
Vandana, Learner

“…The review intrigued me and I ordered one… it has already far exceeded my expectations… I now turn up for lessons knowing what to expect, and what is expected of me… an easy read with clear, well-laid out chapters… Recommended!”
Ollie, Learner

“…After reading the Auto Express review I bought the book and have already learned a lot… packed full of really useful information… easy to read and absorb… ”
Dean, Learner

Extracts from the 'Hints And Tips' section:

"...I used to go through the DSSSM routine in my mind when I was waiting for the instructor... I pictured it and then just went through it once I got in the car... "
Brody, driving 10 months

"...I always think of cyclists as ghosts because they just seem to appear and disappear from nowhere... my instructor told me to take care of them - think of them and for them... give them time and space... "
Olivia, driving 2 years

"...At first it did not make sense to signal at junctions when there was no one around... I now get it - you can't be looking in three places at once and it is the second part of the MSPSL sequence so you can then focus on observation and scanning and planning... "
Paige, driving 3 months

Extracts from the Rules, Tools and Expectations section:

"Give clear signals in plenty of time. Use them to advise others before changing course or direction, slowing/stopping or moving off."

"You MUST [this is the law] exercise proper control of your vehicle at all times. Do not be distracted by maps or screen-based information. Know where the controls are and how to use them with the minimum distraction while still driving safely."

"Choose an appropriate place to manoeuvre. Look carefully before you start reversing, checking blind spots."