Standards Check benefits

A Coach comes alongside the learner, they know how to drive well, all a Coach needs to do is create the environment for this to come out.

The Reflective Log from the last driving lesson will identify areas that the learner thought they did not do well in.

Just make sure that these are the same at the start, if no Reflective Log has been filled out then this can be found out by asking.

Everyone has the capability of driving well, the Coach needs to set targets on where they should be, if the learner is positive then we can talk about where they want to be at the end of the hour.

If they are negative then we need to take one step at a time with goals.

Keeping the car safe is a 'job share' between the Coach and the Learner. As you progress the Learner starts to do more and more until they are doing everything and you go for the Practical Driving Test.

Independent driving is important as the 4 to 5 months after you pass your test are the most riskiest, it is about preparation to drive safely for life and not just about passing the test.

This is why I get Learners to drive to where they like, drive to work, drive with friends in the car, music on to get ready to be safe on their own when they will be doing these things.