Further development within a year after passing your driving test.
Further development in your first year of driving

It is a sobering fact that 1 in 5 young drivers are involved in a collision within the first 250 miles of driving after passing their driving test.

We will work together to reduce this statistic by getting you to not only think of other drivers but eventually think for them.

The pressure of passing a test will be in the past and so you can be in a better position to learn further driving skills.

We will go on motorways. We will look at planning long journeys to improve safety.

Driving at night and the differences with the road lighting and how this impacts on your driving.

Bad weather driving, how this impacts your driving and how you can best deal with it.

Driving in heavy traffic and trying to predict what vulnerable road users might do.

Pass Plus is 6 hours long and I will do this the way you would like it, for example, we can have individual one hour sessions, 3 lots of 2 hour sessions, or 4 one and a half hour sessions.

There is no test at the end, it is done on a continuous assessment basis.

You will get a certificate from the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency at the end.

Pass Plus has sadly been abused in the past and the insurance savings are there but because of this the savings are unlikely to be the amount of the cost of 6 hours of driving lessons with me, which would currently be £180.

I will however, give you a list of car insurance companies that will recognise Pass Plus and you may try and see if you are able to make any insurance premium savings.