+ive and -ive
Electric cars are more expensive.

The running costs are a lot less as the electricity used is a lot cheaper than the fuel.

Also, the annual servicing can cost as low as £70.

The reason it is so cheap to service is because there are 90% less moving parts and there is so little to service.

The simplicity of the car also makes it more reliable.

Modern superior product?

Electric cars are only automatic.

At the time of writing 52% of new cars are automatic, there is a general trend upwards here.

1 Kw costs around 15 pence.

1 Kw will give you 3 miles in winter and 5 miles in the summer.

There are different chargers:

  • 2 Kw charger will charge at 10 miles per hour
  • 7 Kw charger will charge at 30 miles per hour (this kit is normally provided when you buy your car)
  • 50 Kw rapid charger will charge at 100+ miles per hour
  • 250 Kw rapid charger will charge 100 miles in 10 minutes

They are working on electricity charging lanes where the car charges as you drive on it.

Insurance is around the same but can be a few hundred pounds more expensive.

This is due to the current lack of competition.

Also, when it comes to sell the car is more valuable.

It uses standard tyres except the BMW i3 which uses expensive tyres.