Speed of Time

Time changes when driving
In C.S. Lewis' Narnia books the children in the story get into a magical land called Narnia and the time there is different to time on our world, so years and years can go by and when you get back no time or little time has elapsed.

I have seen a collision of a car and a cyclist and everything seemed to slow down, I don't know the medical terminology or reasons for this but it may have something to do with adrenaline and your mind 'accelerating' to deal with a serious event that you can foresee.

I was dreading the car hitting the cyclist on the roundabout and I saw it all in slow motion.

The car hit the back of the cycle and it was OK in the end.

This also happens when I sprint the 100 metres, when they say “marks”, “set” and the gun goes *bang* the gaps of time seem long, but when I watch it on a clip afterwards it seems very small gaps of time.

The excitement is very real and this is why time seems to be travelling at a different speed.

You may find the same when you see something on the road about to happen.

It is a good idea to pull over in a safe place if you feel you need to calm down after this happens.

Your mental state is very important when you are driving.
Dawn Treader