Emergency Stop

Brake Before Clutch
A clip on how to do the Emergency Stop:

1 in 3: 1 in 3 practical driving test they ask you to do the Emergency Stop

no mirror check: when human life is at risk we stop the car regardless of what is happening behind

Brake Before Clutch or BBC.

Handbrake: secure car, if someone was to hit us from behind we need to stop ourselves from being pushed ahead again.

Check both blind spots: we are stopped in the middle of the road and need to check to our left.

This is a real Emergency Stop situation:

This is a real Emergency Stop when in the process of pulling away:

This is a real Emergency Stop with a cyclist pulling alongside but slightly in front:

This is a potential Emergency Stop situation, I slowed down but was ready to input more brake pressure:

This is an Emergency Stop situation on test with the examiner doing it: