Peterborough Driving Test Routes – 38

38 (21/11/18, 15:29)
1. Drive right out of the Driving Test Centre onto Second Drove. 2. At the end of the road turn right onto Fengate. You may have to wait a long time due to the time of day, don't let the pressure build up but reassess the situation all the here to see leaving Driving Test Centre. 3. At the traffic lights follow the road here to see Fengate, Padholme Road East and Newarke Road. 4. Turn left onto Padholme Road East. 5. Pull over one car length away from the parked car and drive on again. 6. At the roundabout take the 1st exit on the left onto Newarke Road. 7. Pull over and start the Independent Drive [follow signs for City Centre].click here to see Newarke Road and Boongate. 8. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Boongate towards the Boongate roundabout with Halfords and the Cinema on the left. 9. [follow signs for the A1]. 10. At the Boongate roundabout take the 1st exit onto the Frank Perkins here to see Frank Perkins Parkway. 11. The examiner explained we would be on this road for 1 and a half miles (this means best practice is to stay in the left lane and not attempt to overtake). 12. [follow signs to Yaxley]. 13. At the next slip road come off in the right hand lane, remembering to give way to the right and at the roundabout take the 3rd exit to the right. 14. Drive on Peterborough Road and then turn left into Stanground here to see Stanground Academy. 15. Do a forward bay park into the bay. 16. Reverse to either the left or right and drive out of Stanground Academy. 17. Turn left onto Peterborough Road (towards Yaxley).click here to see passing Cardea and entering Farcet. 18. You will pass Cardea and as you enter Farcet pull over on the left and drive on again. 19. Turn left onto Main Street (warning: this is a 20 mph limit).click here to see Main Street 20. Take the road on the right continuing on Main Street. 21. Drive past the Black Swan. 22. Turn left onto King's Delph Drove. [follow the signs to Peterborough]. 23. At the end of the road turn left onto Milk and Water Drove B1095. 24. At the T junction turn left onto Toll Road (towards Peterborough).click here to see King's Delph Drove and Milk & Water Drove. 25. At the roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A605, after a mile the Independent Drive ends. click here to see Toll Road and Cardea on the right.26. At the roundabout take the 1st exit following the road ahead (Morrisons is on your left). 27. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Stanham Way A605. The examiner asks to put the dipped beam here to see the IKEA roundabout. 28. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto the slip road that leads onto the Fletton Parkway towards Eye. 29. At the Boongate roundabout take the 4th exit onto here to see the Boongate roundabout. 30. At the Topps Tiles roundabout take the 3rd exit continuing on Boongate. 31. At the traffic lights turn right onto here to see entering the Driving Test Centre 32. Take the left turn into Second Drove. 33. Turn left into the Driving Test Centre and drive forward into a bay.