Peterborough Driving Test Routes - 3

1. Turn right out of Second Drove onto Fengate. 2. Turn left into Boongate. 3. Take the 4th exit at the roundabout onto Newark Road. 4. Take the first exit at the roundabout into Padholme Road East. 4. Pull over and start Independent Drive - Follow the signs to London. 5. (Turn left into Carr Road, then take the second exit at the Boongate Roundabout onto the Frank Perkins Parkway.) This is quite a few miles and the Frank Perkins Parkway turns into the Fletton Parkway. 6. Follow signs to City Centre (at the Tesco Hampton roundabout take the 3rd exit to the right onto the Nene Parkway). 7. The signs for the City Centre will take you to the second roundabout at Thorpe Wood, take the third exit to the right onto Longthorpe Parkway - end of Independent Drive. 8. At the next roundabout take the first exit to the left called Thorpe Road. 9. Take the second road on the right into Audley Gate and then immediately right again into Thorpe Park Road (this leads onto Mayor's Walk). 10. Turn left into Aldermans Drive, when it changes to One Way then turn left into Percival Street (this is a One Way Street). 11. Turn left into Midland Road. 12. Turn right into Mayor's Walk. 13. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto the A15. 14. At the Crescent Bridge roundabout (with Queensgate on your left) follow the road ahead onto Bourges Boulevard A15. 15. At the next roundabout follow the road ahead to Bishop's Road (Magistrates Court on your right). 16. At the next mini roundabout turn right onto Bishop's Road and this leads onto Fengate. 17. Turn right into Second Drove. 18. Enter driving test centre and do a bay park.