Brotherhood roundabout

correct lane discipline, correct signals on roundabouts.
The Peter Brotherhood roundabout may seem daunting at first sight but if you sit and look at this diagram it is logical. If you stick to simple rules you will be confident on this roundabout.

As with most descriptions, it is easier if I explain this in front of you than it is with words.

This roundabout is traffic light controlled which makes things easier but we still need to be aware of emergency vehicles and vehicles not obeying the rules for whatever reason.

The blue car is turning right at the third exit and so will need to be in the right lane with the right arrow and then pull over to the left and centre lane and then exit at the third exit.

By looking at the green car it is following the exact same logic.

This is the same for the yellow car.

The golden rule is if you cannot leave the roundabout at the exit you want to leave then simply go round the roundabout again. And try not to get annoyed about this - keep calm.

Here is a clip entering the Brotherhood roundabout at night from the City Centre end of Bourges Boulevard heading North towards Werrington:

Here is a clip entering the Brotherhood roundabout via North Bretton and then turning left at the North Bretton roundabout to join the Brotherhood roundabout and looping all the way round:

Logical procedures on the Peter Brotherhood roundabout