Baptism & Safe Driving
The link between baptism and safe driving.

My god daughter got baptised in July 2023.

I tried to show her walking away - dying to self, dying to her old ways and becoming alive in Christ.

To be a driving instructor there are 3 exams to pass:

  1. Advanced Theory Test
  2. Advanced Driving Test
  3. Test on Instructional Ability

When training to be a driving instructor you can pick up bad habits.

My bad habit was using my hands in a circular motion to do a manoeuvre.

I passed my test in 1993 when I was 17.

I passed my advanced test in 2003 when I was 27/28 and so there was bad habits in those 10 years.

As advanced drivers we need to keep the situation safe.

In tricky situations we need to focus on how to make it safe.

We need to give space and time and identify potential escape routes.

In baptism we die to ourselves and become alive in Christ.

In advanced driving we have to die to our potential old habit of trying apportion blame at that incident.

Put that aside and deal with it later.

And then use all the skills to keep the situation safe.

I see the link between being baptised and turning your back on your bad habits.