Kettering Driving Test Routes - 4


(04/10/23, 11:11)
1. Drive out of the Driving Test Centre and bear left.
2. At the end of the road turn right onto Orion Way.
3. The road bends to the left.
4. The road bends to the right.
5. At the roundabout (with McDonald's on the left hand side) take the 3rd exit onto Pytchley Lane.
6. Pythchley Lane leads onto Kettering Road
7. Turn left onto Isham Road and then immediately right onto Stringers Hill
8. Turn left onto Lower Lane.
9. Do a parallel park.
10. Follow this road round onto Church Lane.
11. Turn left onto Orlingbury Road.
12. At the end of this road turn left onto Pytchley Road
13. The road bends to the right, turn left at this point.
14. Turn left onto The Green.
15. This road leads onto Isham Road
16. You will pass Isham Cricket Club on your right.
17. Isham Road leads onto Orlingbury Road.
18. (?) I think we went left onto the A509
19. (?) turn right onto Station Road
20. turn right onto Glebe Road
21. turn left onto Regent Road
22. turn right onto Park Road
23. turn left onto Churchill Road
24. at the end of the road turn left onto High Street.
25. Turn right onto Church Street.
26. This leads onto Cranford Road.
27. At the roundabout turn left taking the 1st exit onto the A6 to go to the A14.
28. Join the A14 towards the West.
29. Go one junction
30. At the next roundabout follow the road ahead.
31. At the roundabout follow the road ahead, it will bend to the left.
32. Follow the road as it bends to the right.
33. Turn left into the road next to the Centre (Driving Test Centre is on the right).
34. Turn right into the Driving Test Centre and drive into a bay (not assessed).