Peterborough Driving Test Routes - 52

52 (29/03/23, 9:07) (6/6/23, 2:32) (8/1/24, 10:14) (5/7/24, 1:35)
1. [SatNav started immediately] Drive out of the Driving Test Centre and turn left onto Fengate. 2. Pull over and drive on again. 3. At the mini roundabout follow the road ahead onto Bishops' Road.

4. At the next mini roundabout take the 1st exit turning left continuing on Bishop's Road. 5. At the Magistrates roundabout take the 1st exit to the left, this goes over the river.

6. Go over the bridge and at the traffic lights get into the right lane. 7. At the next set of traffic lights turn right onto London Road. 8. Take the 5th road on the right onto New Road.

9. Take the 3rd left onto Orton Avenue. 10. Pull over on the right, reverse back 2 car lengths and drive on again. 11. At the end of the road turn left onto Belsize Avenue.

12. At the end of this road turn left onto Celta Road. 13. Follow this road throught the crossroads onto Fletton High Street. 14. At the mini roundabout turn right onto Whittlesey Road. 15. At the second mini roundabout follow the road ahead. [SatNav ends]. 16. At the next roundabout (Aldi and Shell on your right) follow the road ahead. 17. At the next roundabout take the 3rd exit to the right onto the A605, this goes over the Frank Perkins Parkway.

18. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit to join the Frank Perkins Parkway. 19. Take the slip road on the left onto the Boongate-Showcase roundabout. 20. Take the 4th exit onto Boongate. 21. Take the 3rd exit at the Topps Tiles roundabout onto Boongate. 22. Turn right onto Fengate. 23. Turn left into Second Drove. 24. Drive into the Driving Test Centre.

This was the test on Monday 8th January 2024 at 10:14am:

This was a route where the parallel park was done on a side street: