Covering cars on your right

Are you covered?
If you are waiting to go at a roundabout (blue car) and there is a car to your right (red car) can you use them as a 'cover'?

By this I mean if the red car was to go, can we just go?

  • We need to make sure that we can at least keep up with the red vehicle and to be safe outrun them.
  • If the red vehicle was to be hit, how would this effect us?
  • You need to check to the right too, if there is a lorry (red) and you cannot see and you are confident that you can keep up then it is likely to be safe.

How do we know that the red vehicle is not going to cut us up?

  • If there are no signs or paint on the road to tell us otherwise, they will be going more than half a circle to the right or all the way around.
  • If the signs or paint say otherwise then either wait or stay safe and in your lane, be prepared to go the wrong way safely.