Kiss the Parrot

Mirrors and blind spot
When leaving an exit on the roundabout from any lane but the left lane we need to 'kiss the parrot' to check the blind spot for road users in this position.

Motorbikes can get in that blind spot.

If you see a road user in your blind spot and by going the way you need to go means that you will cause them to slow down, stop or change direction then you need to go the wrong way safely.

They will expect this on the driving test.

If you are approaching a junction to turn left, you need to check your interior and then left mirror, if there is a road user to the left of you or about to accelerate to the left of you then you will need to abandon your decision to turn left and go the wrong way safely.

On long dual carriageway and motorway journeys you can get caught in someone's blind spot.

I was driving up the A1 near Nottingham and I was in the blind spot of the car on the left, for some reason I could not reasonably move out of it.

I was expecting him to pull out in front of me just in case he did not check his blind spot as he pulled out to overtake.

He did this and I was ready to hold back.

Just a quick 'kiss the parrot' check and he would have been safer.