Calming when not in charge
A few weeks ago there was only 2 of us at work because a colleague had to go home.

The lady I was working with was my senior and in charge.

It was a lot of work for 2 of us to do and my initial reaction was to:

  • calm the situation down;

  • try my hardest to get in tune with my senior so that we can get it all done and

  • be ready for any additional unexpected problems.

As driving instructors we need to do this with our learners all the time.

As driving instructors we have full control of the car and we will keep the car safe.

I was not in charge at the time and yet I was still able to have influence over the calming of the situation.

Part of the Coaching process with customers is that we are moving as much of the responsibility of driving to them.

If they are in the final stages of learning to drive where they are deciding as much as possible can we still bring that calmness into the learning to drive experience?