Different styles

Neil Fleming's VARK model is a way of categorising the main 4 learning styles.

People have different ways they like to learn.

Some people are visual, they like to look at diagrams or pictures of road layouts.

I have added as much art as I can to this website to trigger interest from people who may be visual learners.

I have tried to vary the styles and get different people's art to enhance it.

Others like to have a go, as they can recall it much better this way.

If you are a 'have a go' learner please let me know and I will try and talk the minimum and get you to play as much as possible.

I can then test your knowledge by how you do it on your own.

There are people that like to see the basics, then go away and reflect on what they have seen to try and understand it to the next level.

Understanding the theory behind something is another one where if you understand it you can then make the small jump to doing it.

Some people like auditory where they respond well to hearing someone talk. My best friend likes to learn this way and so I have embeded YouTube clips into many of the pages to help her.

It is possible to be a mix of learning styles.

It is also possible to be unaware of your learning style.

When I am sprinting the 100 metres I like to know the theory of how a particular drill is helping my body and how this will help me sprint faster.

This is important for me as I am 46 years old and I need to be careful how I work my body.

When I am playing the piano I like to know the theory behind the different keys etc. but when I am doing this, it can be overwhelming and so I revert back to 'doing it', I know I am managing it but I also know that it makes me less flexible when learning new pieces.

I know I need to discipline myself to work hard at the theory to make be a better pianist in the longer term.

If you are starting driving lessons with me, please let me know how you like to learn so that I can fine tune it for you.

If you are not sure, don't worry, but please tell me, we can try different approaches to see which works best for you.

Artwork © 2019 Yeliz Alciner
Artwork © 2019 Yeliz Alciner