Speed Awareness: Pressure

1. Other vehicles

2. Dealing with other vehicles

3. Speed limit opinions

Other Vehicles

1. Want to keep up with the speed of the road

2. Is this the same as keeping to the speed limit?

3. How does it make you feel when you are being followed closely?

4. Do you feel torn between not wanting to annoy but wanting to keep the speed limit?

5. Do you feel pressure?

6. How may you manage those pressures?

How we deal with other vehicles

1. Desire to keep up with the speed of the road is good.

2. We don't want to hold up traffic unnecessarily.

3. What if everyone is going too fast?

4. What if everyone is going to slow?

You are the advanced driver

1. Are we going to make the whole situation safe?

2. Temporarily holding off the pressure to confirm

3. Showing off our safe driving?

4. Do other road users understand safe driving?

5. If they do not, does it matter what they think?

6. Is your driving going to set a better example?

7. Will they see and buy into your better example?

1. Are speed limits correctly applied?

2. Do you agree with the speed limits?

3. Do other road users agree with the speed limits?

4. Do other road users respect the speed limits?

5. Do other road users know the speed limits?!?!

Incorrect limit?

1. If we feel the speed limit is not reasonable will other road users feel the same?

2. If we feel a speed limit is unreasonable will we respect it?

3. And other road users?


1. Our body language on the road is important

2. Road Safety is everyone's responsibility

3. Important to drive safely and to contain the pressure from other road users, which is likely to be temporary.

4. Trying to understand the background as to why the speed limit is there will help us and other road users to “buy in” to sticking to it.