Standards Check

51 Areas
At the start of the SC it needs to be established how the conditions on the road will influence your driving.

If it is raining, then do you know where the wipers are? Are pedestrians going to be comfortable and how will that effect their concentration when crossing the road?

Here is my work in progress and my journey in improving my skills to improve my grade:

Safety on the road is shared between the instructor and the learner and it needs to be established how this will be.

If mistakes are coming up then the instructor needs to be prepared to alter the lesson to deal with this.

If for example you want to do Bay Park and the learner is stalling a lot when moving off and stopping or at junctions then it would be expected to explain to the learner that the objectives have changed and why they have changed and if they are happy with this, the learners agreement is needed.

When doing a topic it needs to be agreed with the learner how much support they would like.

Getting myself ready for the Standards Check tomorrow:

I made a clip of my thoughts on a training session I had, which helped me. I need to maybe do another one after my lessons to see where I have improved:

Offer a reflective log at the end, in case they are reflective learners.

I failed my Second Standards Check and these are my thoughts on it:

This is my work in progress:

More work in progress on mental health and how I could do things better:

Work in progress on someone who is test standard:

I had my trainer sitting in the back to help me and these are my thoughts: