Pull over to right

right the only suitable place, blind spot check.

This manoeuvre was introduced into the driving test on 4th December 2017.

This is a clip of a customer doing this manoeuvre on test:

At the time of writing Sweden has the safest roads in the world and Great Britain is second. (I am not sure if this is fair as Great Britain is far more crowded than Sweden). Now Britain has the safest roads in the world.

I was at a driving instructor conference and various driving instructors were asking the examiners who wrote the new test questions on why this manoeuvre was being introduced, especially as in Sweden it is illegal to park on the opposite side of the road. There was no reasonable answer to this.

We may be unable to park on the left and the only option is to park on the right.

There may be a shop on the right that has parking spaces and there are no spaces on the left.

Another example is a school where you cannot park on the left and only on the right.

The key to this is to break it down into 2 parts.

Drive slowly.

Part 1: If you are pulling up on the right you can move to the far right on the left lane and wait for traffic so that you can pull over on the right.

Part 2: When it is safe you can move across to the right hand side and pull your car straight in line with the pavement.

Reverse back 2 car lengths.

Check all around especially to the left blind spot and drive on again.