SM, TM, lights.

Show me, tell me, selecting dipped lights, using the demister to clear the rear window, use the blower to clear the front window & when to use the fog lights.

The examiner will ask you "when it is safe show me how to switch on the dipped lights?".

Make sure it is safe all around and switch on the dipped lights.

"when it is safe to do so can you show me how to set the rear demister?"

Make sure it is safe all around and then press the button for the rear demister. Check the light is on on the dashboard.

"when it is safe, show me how you would demist the front screen?"

Make sure it is safe all around and set the warm air to flow on the front screen. The Air Conditioning helps take the water out of the air.

"tell me how you would switch the fog lights and explain when you would use these?"

Explain that you would only use this if visibility was reduced to 100 metres or less. Also explain it is important to switch them off again as visibility improves.