Peterborough Driving Test Routes - 24

24 (27/12/17, 13:35)
1.[The SatNav starts immediately, the examiner starts before the SatNav and directs out of the test centre and right onto Fengate]. Drive out of the Driving Test Centre and turn right onto Second Drove. 2. At the end of the road turn right onto Fengate. 3. At the traffic lights go straight ahead continuing on Fengate, this follows onto Storeys Bar Road and then turn right at the Crossroads continuing on Storeys Bar Road. 4. At the T junction turn right onto Pearces Road. (be careful to allow time to negotiate the right turn, it is an Open Junction and it feels that you can make it but the turning right does take time that means you need a big gap).To see clip of the turn, click here 5. Follow this road onto Northey Road. 6. The road turns left onto North Bank (40mph). 7. At the end of the road turn left onto North Side B1040 (the Dog in the Doublet is on the left), (the B1040 is going towards Thorney). 8. This follows onto Whittlesey Road (drive at a speed that is safe, the National Speed Limit of 60mph may not be safe). 9. Whittlesey Road leads onto Ashley Pool Lane and then Whittlesey Road again. 10. At the Crossroads turn left onto The Causeway. 11. At the roundabout take the 1st exit on the left onto the A47 towards Peterborough (continuing on The Causeway). 12. [the SatNav ends on this road and the examiner will ask you to follow the road ahead and not stop]. 13. Turn left onto Thorney Road (this is a tight left turn and try to keep to the left lane, because it is tight you can easily stray into the right lane). 14. At the mini roundabout take the 1st exit left onto Eyebury Road. 15. At the crossroads turn right onto Oxney Road. 16. At the end of the road turn left onto Edgerley Drain Road. 17. At the crossroads go straight ahead onto Storeys Bar Road, this leads onto Fengate. 18. At the traffic lights go straight ahead (technically turning left) continuing on Fengate. 19. Turn left into Second Drove and Driving Test Centre is on your left. 20. Do a Reverse Bay Park.