Peterborough Driving Test Routes - 9

(10/1/17, 8:10), alt. (23/1/17, 8:10), alt. (9/3/17, 8:10)

1. Turn left out of Second Drove onto Fengate. 2. At mini roundabout go straight ahead onto Bishop's Road continuing on Bishop's Road. 3. At next mini roundabout take the first exit to the left onto Rivergate. 4. Follow this onto London Road. 5. Continue on London Road to the traffic lights and turn right continuing on London Road. 6. Turn right onto New Road (approx. 5th on the right). 7. Take third exit on the left onto Orton Avenue. 8. Turn in the Road.(8. Alt. do Reverse Park). 9. At the end of Orton Avenue turn right onto New Road. 10. Take the next road on the right onto Westbrook Park Road. (10alt. follow on and goto 13.) 11. Pull over on the left one car length away and pull away again. 12. Follow the road round to the left and at the end of the road turn left onto Celta Road. 13. Go Straight at the traffic lights onto Fletton High Street. 14. Turn left further on onto The Glen. 15. Pull in between two cars. 16. Start Independent Drive [turn right and follow signs for 'All Through Routes']. 17. Turn right onto Whittlesey Road. 18. At the 2 mini roundabouts continue ahead. 19. At the next roundabout take the second exit continuing ahead on Whittlesey Road. 20. At the next roundabout take the 3rd exit to the right. 21. Go over the Fletton Parkway and at the next roundabout take the second exit to the right and join the Parkway. 22. This leads onto the Frank Perkins Parkway. 23. [follow signs to City Centre] take the exit at the roundabout and take the first exit to the left onto Boongate. 24. [follow signs to Market and Passport Office]. 25. Take the second exit onto New Road. 26. End of Independent Drive. 27. Turn right onto Northminster. 28. At the end of the road turn right onto Broadway. 29. At the traffic lights turn right onto Crawthorne Road. 30. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto St. John's Street following signs to City Centre. 31. Continue on St. John's street until it becomes Vineyard Road. 32. At the mini roundabout turn left onto Bishop's Road. 33. Follow Bishop's Road onto Fengate. 34. Turn right into Second Drove and the Driving Test Centre.