aka 3 point turn.
The turn in the road is the most popular manoeurvre that drivers use after passing their test.

It is a manoeurvre that a lot of drivers find easy but there are plenty that do not.

You would use this manoeurvre when you need to turn round because you have gone the wrong way, there is an obstruction or the Police have asked you to turn round.

You need to remember SCLaP


Are there children playing around?


Is it easier to drive round the block? If you have a Sat Nav has it already found a new route that you can easily follow?


Is it a one way street? A dual carriageway?


Is the road wide enough?

We do not need to use the indicators for this manoeurvre.


They could confuse road users into thinking 1) you are about to pull off to drive on, 2) you are about to turn right into a road on the right.

Drive at a 'slow walking pace'.


We are the obstruction on the road and we need to see everything, we have blind spots behind us in the pillars at the back of the car and we need to have time to move our head to see what is happening, especially children.

POM routine: Preperation:Observation:Manoeurvre


Observation is important and we need to do this at the moment before we drive off (if it is safe).

It takes time to Prepare the car, if we Observe before we prepare precious time will pass and we need to Observe again.

So the correct procedure is to Prepare the car, find the biting point, set the gas (if necessary), then do the Observations.