Eye Services roundabout

40mph, going round the roundabout again
This is probably the most challenging roundabout in Peterborough. It is on a test route, but even if it was not you would still need to be confident in driving on it.

The first unusual sign as you approach the roundabout is the 40 mph maximum speed limit.

If you are coming from the Werrington/Gunthorpe end of the roundabout, travelling towards the Boongate, Perkins, Orton end of the roundabout it is best if when it is 2 lanes to be in the left lane, when it is 3 lanes to be in the left lane and then when it is 4 lanes to be in the second from left lane.

This means that you do not have to be in a lane that merges from 2 into 1, which is likely to happen on the 3rd and 4th lane.

Please click the link below to see this.

To see a clip of how to turn right onto the Frank Perkins Parkway from the Paston Parkway, click here

Why have a reduction from the national speed limit (70mph) to 40mph? Has the roundabout been designed so badly that by bringing the speed limit down it is by way of 'compensation' as it would be too dangerous at 70 mph?

This is a reasonable distance away from the roundabout and not many people obey this speed limit, which again adds to the challenges, you can be travelling along at 40mph and cars will be passing you.

The key is to let yourself go the wrong way if it is not safe to go the way you wish.

As far as the driving test is concerned you will not be marked down for going the wrong way, as long as you go the wrong way safely.

Now this is the odd part, you will not be marked down for going the wrong way even on the 'independent drive' part of the test.

Good points:

Traffic light controlled, you have time to gather your thoughts about which lane you need to be in.

Bad points:

Four lanes go into three, on the exit from the roundabout three lanes go into two.

Important things to concentrate on

If you are going to change lanes do not cause another vehicle to slow down, stop or change direction. If you cannot do this, go round the roundabout again or go the incorrect way.

Other people will cut you up, this is where your defensive driving can come into its own. When someone cuts you up the key is to calmly focus on your own driving to ask yourself, "we are in a bad situation, how can my driving put it right?", give plenty of room, checking mirrors if need to change speed or direction.

Be alert and be more ready to check your mirrors and your "kiss the parrot" to make sure you do not collide with any other vehicles.